lunch IN my house

documentary | 2016 | 14 mins  

Follows a teenager called Michael with aspirations of being a singer, and the family of characters that support him.

A short doc shot in Shanghai in collaboration with students at Shanghai University. The full film is available to watch in the pane above.

Featuring Mr Yu, Mrs Yu and Michael

Directors 李冰洁 Bingjie Li, Alicja Jankowska

Producer 马明宏 Minghong Ma (Bill)

Camera Alicja Jankowska

Second Camera 李冰Bingjie Li

Sound Recordist 曹苏婷 Suting Cao (Sue)

Editors 李冰 Bingjie Li, Alicja Jankowska

Translation 马明宏 Minghong Ma (Bill)

Thank you to Michael and his family.